INGCO Hydraulic Bottle Jack 6 Ton

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  • Brand : Ingco
  • 6 Ton With safety valve
  • Min. height: 210mm
  • Max. height: 410mm
  • Travel: 200mm
  • Net weight:4.1kg
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  • 6 Ton Capacity: The hydraulic bottle jack is capable of lifting up to 6 tons, making it suitable for lifting heavy vehicles and equipment.
  • Safety Valve: The jack is equipped with a safety valve to prevent overloading and ensure safe operation.
  • Min. and Max. Height: The jack has a minimum height of 210mm and a maximum height of 410mm, offering flexibility in lifting heights.
  • Travel: The jack provides a travel distance of 200mm, allowing for efficient lifting and positioning.
  • Net Weight: The jack has a net weight of 4.1kg, making it portable and easy to handle.
  • Packaging: The Ingco HBJ602 Hydraulic Bottle Jack is packaged in a color box for protection and easy storage.

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